Create an online course

You’ve got a great idea for an Online Course…

But no idea where to start?

Do you have a wealth of knowledge that you want to share with the world?

Do you want to diversify your business, serve and teach more people?

Online Course Creation with The Hive Collective takes out all the ‘unknowns’ and helps you get online and selling your courses quick!

Create your online course

How can The Hive Collective help?

Are you feeling overwhelmed or not sure where to begin with publishing your first online course?

I want to tell you that is completely normal.

In fact, it’s PERFECT.

That’s why Em from The Hive Collective is here to help

I can handle every phase of creating your course so you don’t have to.

Course Curriculum

Develop and map your course curriculum, learning objectives and student/participant outcomes

Content Production

The Hive Collective can handle all your filming, photography and audio recording, editing and production you require for your course

Interactivity & Gamification

Built in interactivity and gamification increases the likelihood participants will complete your course in full

Platform for your needs

Assist and advise you on choosing the most suitable platform for your course, students and ideal outcomes

Content Curation

Collect, collate and curate your existing content and repurposing it for your course and students

Publish & Sell

Get your course out there and selling to your ideal target market

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